Door Lock Latches for Toddler


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This children’s refrigerator safety lock will provide your baby with a full range of refrigerator protection, such as preventing your baby from being caught by the refrigerator door, and preventing a series of uncontrollable accidents caused by children entering the refrigerator because of curiosity. Protect your baby’s safety and make mothers feel more at ease.


Unique Design – The safety lock is similar in color to the refrigerator and has a small appearance, which will not attract the baby’s special attention.Moreover no spare parts and belts are needed, no worry the lock will clamped when opening or closing.

Easy To Operate- Just One-hand operation, by pulling the two buttons of the lock, it will get unlocked and open the fridge door at the same time.When you close the fridge door, the lock will get locked automatically,no extra steps.

High Quality Materials – Made of durable PC material, it won’t damage after repeated use . Rectangular design freezer door lock can be used as a refrigerator handle and no worry the lock will clamped when opening or closing.

Easy To Install – The back side comes with a strong adhesive. Stick to the place you want to use and tear off without leaving traces, no harm to the refrigerator. (Use after 24 hours of pasting for better results)

Range of Application – This fridge lock doesn’t fit for all refrigerator in market, only suitable for single-door refrigerators and the flat width is greater than 1.26inch, or the fridge lock will not be useful continuously.


Installation Method:

1.Confirm the location where the product is to be installed. You can test the position in the locked state.

2.Wipe clean with a dry cloth on the part to be installed.

3. Stick the product in a suitable position.

4. The effect will be better after 24 hours of pasting.


Product Specification:

  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: 4.4 * 2.6 * 0.9in
  • Weight: 47.8g
  • Material: ABS POM



Please clean the pasted surface and keep it dry when you use it. Please do not touch it within 24 hours after attaching the protection, because the double-sided tape needs time to reinforce. It’s best not to show it to your baby when you post it, now babies learn things very quickly.


Package Including:

1 x Refrigerator Security Lock

Special double button design makes it hard for babies to open but easy for adults to open with one hand.

When you close the refrigerator door, the lock will automatically lock without additional steps.

Self adhesive backing, durable and convenient, can be easily removed without leaving traces.

No drill, no spare parts and belts are needed.

Suitable for home refrigerators with single door plane width greater than 1.26 inch.



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Door Lock Latches for Toddler
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