Rust-Oleum Wipe New RainBrella Glass Treatment


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Rust-Oleum wipe new rainbrella creates an umbrella for your windshield and other auto glass. Rainbrella is great at repelling rain, mud, dirt and other such substances on automotive and exterior residential glass. Product comes in an easy to use wipe-on treatment that creates a haze-free, crystal clear barrier over numerous glass surfaces. Durable, long lasting formula resists water and other substances allowing them to roll right off surface. Helps keeps surfaces clean and significantly improves visibility and safety in poor conditions.


Product Features 

  • Create an invisible umbrella on automotive and residential glass to help in keep it clean and improve visibility
  • Haze-free Formula repels rain, mud, dirt and other similar substances to keep Exterior glass surfaces clear increasing safety during vehicle operation
  • Kit contains two towel Packs, each towel contains enough product to cover an average Windshield with two coats of product
  • Durable treatment in an easy wipe-on application
  • Read all instructions prior to use, fully cures in 10 minutes to a Crystal clear finish



  • Use window cleaner to clean glass prior to application
  • Apply in circular motion using Wipe-It
  • Wait 5 minutes, buff off with microfiber cloth
  • Repeat process using existing Wipe-It for a 2nd Coat
  • Treatment is fully cured in 10 minutes
  • Tip: Refold Wipe-It to maintain saturation



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Rust-Oleum Wipe New RainBrella Glass Treatment
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