Set of 8 Space Saving Hangers


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Increase your cupboard space with the Space Saving Hanger. You can now keep clothes both organised and wrinkle-free. With this great new space saver, you don’t have to worry about littering your cupboard floor with clothes that have fallen off of the hanger when you were trying to grab something else, which often happens in a tightly packed cupboard.


How it works:

Attach the hooks of your space saver to your closet rail.

Fill each space of the space-saving hanger with an item of clothing on its existing hanger.

Once the spaces are filled unhook one of the hooks from your closet rail and allow the space saver to hang vertically.

Immediately decluttering your cupboard.

The Space Saving Hanger allows you to triple the amount of closet space available to you. It is ideal for small closets, apartments, dorms, downsizing and more! What’s more, is no matter the size or make of your hangers at home, the Space Saving Hanger will accommodate them!


What’s in the Box:

Packs of 8 x space-saving grids.

16 x hooks that attach to either side of the grid.

Each grid has 5 slots for you to hang your clothing in.


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Set of 8 Space Saving Hangers
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